Starting in November, the course combines theoric and practical class activities, hands on seminars and activities and an out-of-the-class field project.

Starting in October, the course combines theory and practical class activities, hands on seminars and activities and an out-of-the-class field project.

The programme enables students to acquire day by day a thorough knowledge of the functional areas of business management

The programme is divided into 5 terms, and at the end of each term students are required to take an exam. Students begin with the Core disciplinary areas. Finally, students select an industry specialisation to develop a more flexible curriculum and focus on a particular area of interest. Starting from the 2nd term, they take part in the development of entrepreneurial projects, as part of the LUISS AdVenture programme.

Programme Overview

The core areas include courses designed to develop conceptual, analytical, and planning tools as well as techniques and methodologies needed to take a systematic approach in order to understand and solve complex business and management problems.

The courses belong to the following disciplinary core areas:

  • Accounting and Control
  • Business Law
  • Economics
  • Finance & Banking
  • Human Resources and Organisational Design
  • Innovation and Operations Management
  • Marketing
  • Strategy

In order to enrich their curricula students must select aindustry specialisation.

Students select an Industry specialisation to tailor the programme and build a personal job profile.

Further information about The Industry Specialisations.


ADVENTUREOur innovative AdVenture  business lab at LUISS Business School will provide you with the skills and knowledge required to create and manage new business ventures. Under the expert supervision of faculty members and professional mentors, you will participate in training sessions, live case studies and knowledge-sharing events to design a new business and further develop your entrepreneurial mindset. AdVenture showcases your talents while helping you to turn any challenge into an opportunity.

More information about AdVenture.

Soft Skills Lab

Soft Skills LabIn the Soft Skills Lab, you will hone your leadership, entrepreneurial mindset and interpersonal abilities. Activities are split into three areas:

  • Team Building
  • Softs Skills for Leaders
  • Learning Tours

These skillsets perfectly complement your core studies within the MBA programme, setting you on the path for success.

More information about the Soft Skills Lab.

Social Impact

Social ImpactThrough collaboration with social entrepreneurs and NGOs, you will develop the knowledge, skills and aptitude to engage, lead and innovate in a global context. This advanced understanding of social issues will equip you with the ability to generate change within your chosen industry - and beyond.

More information about Social Impact.

Going Global

Going Global Gain insights into global markets and trends through a series of academic, social and cultural activities with an international focus, including cross-country business case competitions and the opportunity to spend a term abroad as part of the international exchange programme.

More information about Going Global.

Creativity lab

Social Impact

In the Creativity Lab, you will experiment with creative approaches to handling business issues, analysing real case studies and developing comprehensive awareness of how creative solutions can be applied to various elements of business dynamics, periods of crisis and change management.

Digital skills lab

Digital skills labEnhance your digital literacy in our Digital Skills Lab, designed to equip you with the abilities necessary for effective digital communication, marketing and improved productivity. You will also gain a working knowledge of digital analytics and related strategies to best support your business in the digital world.

Project management lab

Social Impact

In the Project Management Lab you will deepen your knowledge of project management standards and processes. Focusing on a specific organisation, you will assess and analyse how best to manage the project, with an additional emphasis on change management procedures.

Field Project

Field Project
You will have the opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge you acquire during your MBA to a field project, which can take the form of one of the following:

  • Entrepreneurial project: Prepare and present a business plan for your own venture with the support of the experienced LUISS faculty – the best projects have the potential to receive support from business angels, seed financiers and venture capitalists.
  • Project work within a company: Learn on the job, supervised by a company tutor, and face real business challenges at an established firm.
  • Research project: Plan and research your own project on a specific subject.

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Pollini Ashikhmina
Marketing Manager, UBER Estonia

Polina Ashikhmina

The MBA gives the ability to analyse situations, problems, think strategically...

Marketing Manager, UBER Estonia

Gaurav Sharma
Corporate Sales Manager, Palo Alto Networks

Gaurav Sharma

Without any doubt, the MBA represented a turnaround for my personal and professional life.

Corporate Sales Manager, Palo Alto Networks

Valentina Di Gialleonardo
MBA Class of 2012

Valentina Di Gialleonardo

The MBA is an intense and tough programme in which you have to demonstrate all...

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, USA
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