Living in Rome

Welcome to the capital of the world. Rome is a cosmopolitan city of contrasts, where rich heritage and contemporary lifestyles combine to create a metropolis of global renown. An ancient powerhouse and haven of high culture and diversity, nowhere offers a warmer welcome than Rome.

Living in Rome - Master in Business Administration LUISS

Rome has an extensive public transport network, including reliable bus services and two metro lines – A (red) and B (blue), making getting around easy. Public transport tickets can be used interchangeably on buses and subways; some tickets also include train travel.

  • A monthly pass for the metro and all buses costs €35
  • Standard tickets, priced at €1.50, are valid for one Metro ride or 100 minutes on all buses
  • A daily ticket for unlimited metro, bus and train travel within Rome costs €6.00
  • A 3-day tourist ticket valid for unlimited metro, bus and train travel within Rome costs €16.50
  • Weekly tickets are priced at €24 and include metro, bus and train journeys within Rome

The majority of the city’s public transport is operated by Atac – visit their website to find out more about getting around Rome.

Housing & Utilities
When you join the LUISS Business School MBA programme, it can be helpful to have an idea of average expenses. Start making plans for your time in Rome with our concise guide to housing, utilities, transport, food and leisure expenses.

Housing and utilities

The cost of your accommodation will depend on the size of the property you plan to rent and its location. The business school is located in the city centre. Rent is usually paid on a monthly basis and bills are shared between housemates.

  • A shared room costs an average of €350 per month
  • The rental price for a single room is around €500
  • A studio costs €1,200 monthly, on average
  • Utilities are around €50 each, based on 3 or 4 people sharing
  • Internet costs are approximately €10 each, based on shared bills

Basic housing and utility costs amount to an average of €700 per person, per month.

Average monthly costs for food and household items are between €80 and €100 per person

Eating out

  • A typical lunch costs €6+ per day
  • Dinner prices range from around €10 to €30



  • Cocktails usually cost around €8 in a regular bar and up to €20 in a nightclub
  • Happy hour (aperitivo) prices range from €8 to €15 per person
  • A cinema ticket costs between €4.50 on special offer to €10
  • Typical restaurant prices are from €20 to €40 per person
  • A pizzeria meal and drinks usually costs between €10 and €25
  • Concert, event and festival prices vary; find out what’s going on in Rome here

Public Transportation

  • A monthly pass for the metro and all buses within the city costs €35
  • A standard ticket valid for one metro ride or 100 minutes on all local buses costs €1.50
  • Daily tickets valid for unlimited travel on the metro, buses and trains within the city are €6
  • A 3-day tourist ticket for unlimited travel on all buses, metros and trains in the city costs €16.50
  • Weekly tickets for unlimited metro, bus and train travel within the city are priced at €24

Visit Rome’s public transport website for timetables and more information about local transport.

Mobile Phone
International students are advised to purchase a prepaid Italian SIM card for around €10 – there is no monthly fee and no need for a contract. The main mobile operators in Italy are TIM, Wind, Vodafone and 3.

  • January 1 New Year's Day
  • January 6 Epiphany
  • March 27 Easter Sunday (2016)
  • April 28 Easter Monday (2016)
  • April 25 Liberation Day
  • May 1 International Workers' Day
  • June 2 Republic Day
  • June 29 Rome Holiday St Peter and St Paul (Rome Local Holiday)
  • August 15 Assumption Day (or Ferragosto)
  • November 1 All Saints
  • December 8 Immaculate Conception
  • December 25 Christmas Day
  • December 26 St. Stephen's Day

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