Soft Skills Lab

The soft skills are key drivers in making difference in a career path. Through the activities of the Soft Skills Lab, students build up managerial, relational and entrepreneurial skill that are crucial in the working context.

MBA LUISS students participate in internationally oriented activities

In this dynamic business world, communication is key. Through our innovative MBA Soft Skills Lab activities, you will enhance your interpersonal abilities, team skills and leadership capabilities, complementing the hard skills you develop during the MBA programme.

In partnership with the career service at LUISS Business School, the MBA Soft Skills Lab delivers a programme focused on supporting your career progress through a range of activities. You will have the opportunity to develop and improve your interpersonal skills, relationship management abilities and entrepreneurial mindset.  Soft skills are key in business, enabling more meaningful interaction, effective negotiation and a raised awareness of how to succeed in a multicultural environment.

Team Building

Improve your effectiveness working in a team, or leading a team, with a range of experience-based, people-centred extracurricular activities including team building, problem solving and networking tasks.

Leadership skills

Enhance your abilities as a business leader by developing the skills necessary to build successful relationships, including learning from diversity, public speaking, negotiating for success, interview techniques and effective presentation delivery.

Learning Tours

Gain invaluable insights into business best practice with our guided MBA learning tours. You will have the opportunity to visit the some of the most important and efficient Italian and international companies, experiencing varied business environments, extending your professional networks and laying the foundations for your career path.

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Pollini Ashikhmina
Marketing Manager, UBER Estonia

Polina Ashikhmina

The MBA gives the ability to analyse situations, problems, think strategically...

Marketing Manager, UBER Estonia

Gaurav Sharma
Corporate Sales Manager, Palo Alto Networks

Gaurav Sharma

Without any doubt, the MBA represented a turnaround for my personal and professional life.

Corporate Sales Manager, Palo Alto Networks

Valentina Di Gialleonardo
MBA Class of 2012

Valentina Di Gialleonardo

The MBA is an intense and tough programme in which you have to demonstrate all...

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, USA
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